Shalom! I’m currently at level 4 Biblical Hebrew, soon to enter the last level by January. I wouldn’t be at this level without the help of Jared who was my professor at levels 2 and 3. These levels are the hardest part of Biblical learning. I learned the 7 Binyanim and the irregular Shem Po’alim with superb clarity. I attained the final grade of 100% in level 2 and 99% in level 3. My midterm grade at 4 level is 96%. I recommend him to all of my friends and strangers alike who are interested in learning deeper Biblical truths. Jared thank you so much for all your patience, your graciousness and most of all your friendship. Your wide range of Biblical expertise has helped me so much. Yevarekhekha Adonai, V’yishmerekha!

Lida H. (San Diego, CA)

I have been studying Biblical Hebrew with Jared since February, 2012. His class is the highlight of my week. He has an excellent command of Biblical Hebrew, but more importantly, he knows how to explain the concepts so that I can learn them. He has provided me with many supplemental reference materials, such as articles and texts, and he has encouraged me to obtain various books and other materials to expand my knowledge. When I don’t know the answer, he is very patient and he helps to guide me to the correct answer. He has an excellent background in the history and development of the Hebrew language which is important to understand certain grammatical forms and enhances my overall understanding of Biblical Hebrew. Not many teachers of Biblical Hebrew have this knowledge.

Jared’s strong background of Biblical studies is quite evident as he has excellent mastery of the meanings of Biblical passages from all parts of the Bible.
Jared takes teaching very seriously. He rarely ever is unable to be at a scheduled class and he always gives notice in the rare event that he cannot be there. He is prompt and very generous of his time. He has always accommodated my requests to teach me what I am interested in learning. As my foundation of Biblical Hebrew grammar has improved, Jared has taught me some literary aspects of the Bible, both in narrative as well as poetry, such as Psalms.

I would highly recommend Jared to anyone who is interested in learning Biblical Hebrew. I hope to remain a student of his for many years to come.

Trude R. (USA)


It’s has been just over three years since I have studied Hebrew under Jared, and I couldn’t say enough good about him. Jared teaches not for memorization, but in a way that leaves the student with a life long knowledge. To this day, although I’m slightly out of practice, I can still read, write and speak the Hebrew language. In my time learning, Jared became a friend. He laughed with me and mourned with me, related to what was going on in my life. Jared is no average Hebrew instructor. He is a man of God, called to this profession, and you will recognize it when you are in his class. Jared comes highly recommended by me and by many others, I’m sure.

Eric M. (Ohio)

I have just completed an A-level course in Biblical Aramaic, taught by Jared Henson, during the last 8 months. I am simply impressed by how much I have learned under Jared’s guidance. I started as an absolute beginner, having no background at all in any Semitic language, and now I can read and understand – I mean it! – any passage from Ezra or Daniel, looking up infrequent words in an Aramaic-English dictionary and only occasionally resorting to a reference grammar. To read the Bible in one of its original languages is a wonderful experience.
Jared masters the material and has a true passion for the biblical text. He is also willing to tailor his class according to your learning needs and interests. He has patience, sensitivity, and what I regard as the hallmark of excellence in teaching: he makes even very difficult things easy for you.
August, 2015

Tomaso Riporesi (European Union)

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