Upcoming Courses

Available Dates and Times (All Eastern Time, USA)
Updated 7/2/18 –  – please let me know if you are interested.

  • Biblical Hebrew A – Scheduling a class now – please contact me to participate
This is an introductory Biblical Hebrew course. We will use Lily Kahn’s The Routledge Introductory Course in Biblical Hebrew, and this course will cover the alphabet through almost all qal verbs. 20 week course – $25 / 75 minute session
  • Biblical Theology A (Scheduling a course now, please contact) - No Biblical Hebrew required

Hebrew skills are NOT required. 

This course explores the message of the Hebrew Bible and ends with a discussion of Mark’s – and the NT authors’ in general – understanding of how Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures. I seek build a case that the Pentateuch establishes the foundational eschatology that culminates with the coming of Messiah through its literary composition and content which directs readers to what will take place “in the last days”. This is a seminary level course where we discuss the theology of the TaNaK. 12 week course – $25 / 75 minute session
  • Koine (NT) Greek – (Scheduling a Course now, please contact)
I am excited to be offering New Testament (Koine) Greek. This class will use David Alan Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek. The book is 26 chapters long, so I plan to offer it in 2 parts of 15 weeks, which gives us time to work our way through the book at a good pace. 15 week course – $25 / 75 minute session
You need to know Greek to not only read the New Testament but also to read the first Jewish Translation of the Scriptures, the Septuagint.


  • Hebrew Text Class – Genesis 1-3 – Not currently teaching

For those of you who have had some Hebrew and want to put it to use, this course will begin as a 12 week course. We will be preparing and reading the text (Hebrew) of Genesis 1-3 verse by verse and will discuss its meaning, proper translation, literary structure and how grammar and syntax informs our reading of this familiar but immensely important passage. We will focus on the author’s intention in framing the Pentateuch with creation, the creation of mankind, God’s rest (and mankind’s), and the fall and exile of man. We will also look at how the rest of the Bible echoes these chapters and what it means for mankind’s future.

Students will be supplied with the text and vocabulary for each chapter; it is recommended that students obtain a copy of BDB for lexical work.


Please Contact Me to arrange to take one of these classes. Indicate private or group. Do not make payment until the class has been finalized.